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Do you ever have those days or weeks when nothing seems to be going right? Or everything seems to end up being more difficult than it had to be?

Saturday evening, after baths, I heard those words every mother dreads. "Mama! The baby got my fart putty stuck in her hair!"

In case you are wondering, fart putty can be removed from hair by soaking in apple cider vinegar, then applying conditioner and rinsing.

Then we got a call that the birthday alpaca my daughter bought for our neighbor [2] was found dead.

I had to milk in the rain [3].

We found another dead chick [4].

The kids knocked the gate down and the goats threatened to escape.

In the rain.

All while Mr. Smockity is out of town.

Why do things have to be so hard?

And then I found out that a friend, a father of 7 girls [5], friends we have had in our home, friends who have encouraged and mentored us, friends who helped us when my husband was out of work [6]...

had a heart attack and died while mowing his yard.

On Father's Day.

His wife and my sweet friend is a stay at home, homeschool mom, just like me. Their youngest is 10.

I am heartbroken for this family.

And I am ashamed of myself for whining over simple, daily tasks.