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Make Your Own Bug Viewers


How to Make Your Own Bug Viewer

One of our activities for Camp Conniewannahavefun [2] this week was a bug scavenger hunt team activity.

Here's how we made them.

Supplies needed:

  1. Save and rinse out small, plastic juice bottles.
  2. Cut a panel out of one side of the bottle.
  3. Hot glue a pice of netting over the hole in the bottle.
  4. Remove lid to put bugs.


I gave each team instructions to find as many little creatures as possible and place them in their bug viewers along with a few leaves and twigs and drops of water.

The yellow team won the challenge! They caught several varieties of beetles, ants, a baby lizard, and even a SCORPION!

Try making your own simple bug viewers. Kids love them!

Would you like to have your own mini summer camp? Try these tips for free summer fun [3]! (<--- Includes a free printable scavenger hunt!)