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Modern Day Homesteading


This week, I am working with iHomeschool Network [2] to bring you the "5 Days of ... Summer Series". I am presenting "5 Days of Homesteading", so each day I will be sharing a little bit of crazy here at our little house in the woods.

When we moved from the country club to the country a couple of years ago, we had no idea how challenging, enriching, scary, sweaty, and fun the change would be.

Our goal is to be able to use the land and our animals to be as self sustaining as possible. So far we have chickens that give us eggs [3] (and meat when they stop laying), dairy goats [4] for milk, cheese [5], and yogurt, and a garden [6] that isn't doing so well. (We are told we have too many trees.)

We have enjoyed involving all of our children in the work and the benefits of our modern day homesteading.

One thing we haven't enjoyed though, is snakes! (shudder)

You have never heard a grown lady scream, I mean really scream, until you have heard her inside the hen house, after throwing a basket full of eggs skyward when she spots a huge snake slithering into the house, blocking her way from getting out.

This is our friend and hero, John, who is SIX FEET TALL. That gives you a good indication of the size of the devil he is holding! John dispatched the snake after I managed to run out, alerting the entire county that there was a SNAKE. IN THE HEN HOUSE. A HUGE SNAKE. HELLLLLLP!!!

You can see that the snake had been enjoying quite a few of our eggs. There are more lumps further down that are not pictured! We had noticed a sharp decline in egg production, from 15-20 each day to around 5 or 6, and this was the reason!

This was not the only snake that we have removed from the hen house, and believe me, we all step lightly each time we enter now.

Modern day homesteading is never boring, that's for sure!

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