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Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirts


You have seen the bug viewers [2] and yarn bowls [3]. Now, here is another fun activity we have done this week during our mini summer camp [4]: Sharpie tie dye t-shirts!

It is like tie dye without the buckets of dye waiting to be spilled or sloshed.

NO MESS tied dye!

Everyone got a plain white t-shirt and a variety of Sharpies. We inserted old vinyl place mats into the shirts, and each child made a design using a series of dots.

We then took the shirts outside and sprayed them with rubbing alcohol. Did you know you can screw a standard spray bottle top onto a bottle of alcohol? EASY PEASY!


The alcohol makes the colors in the Sharpie dots run, giving the design a cool "firework" look.

The kids had an awesome time making these Sharpie tie dye t-shirts and even wore them proudly to Vacation Bible School!

 *"Set" the shirts by putting them in the dryer on "high" for 15 minutes. Wash separately. We had a slight fading during the wash.