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Enter to Win a FREE CRUISE!



Have you ever been on a cruise? I haven't, but when I went to Indiana to visit my sweet friend Sheri, [2] she told me all about the cruises her family takes every year. She showed me photo albums filled with pictures of fancy buffet lines, loaded with exotic food, scuba diving in crystal clear water, and plush spa treatments.

She said she is addicted to her cruises and I was immediately hooked on the idea of some day going on my first cruise!

Well, this may be my lucky year, because I just entered to win this week-long Carribean cruise for 2 from Craftsy [3]. They are giving away a pair of tickets each month!

I simply entered my email address and a password and I am entered to win! I have a good feeling about this, (squee!) but don't worry! Even if I win a pair of tickets, you can win a pair, too!

Are you thinking, "But I don't quilt..."? WHO CARES? IT'S A FREE CRUISE!

GO ENTER! [3]It only takes a minute, and wouldn't it be awesome if I met you on the cruise?! Cuz I'm totally winning...

I get 40 cents per sign up, but never mind that. YOU COULD WIN A CRUISE! [3]