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Fun Team Games For Mixed Ages


Here are some fun cooperative team games to try with mixed age groups.

When we recently had our Camp Conniewannahavefun mini summer camp [2], I divided the 10 children into 2 teams for the week. I gave each team big kids and little kids and middle aged kids.

Each child decorated her own bandana that was to be worn during all team events. I chose a team captain for each team and announced that for every game played for the duration of the week, each team had to involve every player in some way.

Before each game, a 2 minute planning session was allowed so the team captain could make sure each team member had a task.

Balloon Relay

1. Each team gets a bag of balloons.
2. Balloons must be blown up and tied.

3. Balloons are then transported one at a time, by relay to a container several yards away without using any hands.

4. The first team to have all their balloons in the container wins!

After each game, the members of the winning team got a glow bracelet. At the end of the week, the team with the most glow bracelets got the honor of being first to make ice cream sundaes at the end of the week ice cream party!

Alphabet Picture Race

1. Using sidewalk chalk, write each letter of the alphabet.
2. Under each letter draw a picture beginning with the letter.
3. The first team to have pictures corresponding with all 26 letters wins!