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Interesting Links


My teens and I got a few laughs as we all sat around reading aloud these bad opinions from Bad Opinion Generator [2]


I'm sure you've heard the one about how God himself couldn't sink "this ship". And then the Titanic sank in short order.

The ones I found most interesting were from "experts" who proclaimed a thing as certain and unwavering, like how there were no new lands to discover on our planet. And then The Americas were discovered.

Here's another list of predictions [4] from 100 years ago that is absolutely fascinating to me. So many of them have come to pass, and some are way off, like how there will be no more wild animals except in menageries.


Source: decorate.tipjunkie.com [6] via Connie [7] on Pinterest [8]

I am itching to do something like this on our stairs.


Source: Connie [7] on Pinterest [8]


Or this.

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What links have you found interesting this week?