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Reading Horizons Homeschool Curriculum Review



I am always on the hunt for excellent homeschooling resources, so I was thrilled when I was recently introduced to Reading Horizons. [2]

Some of the first things I saw when I very first clicked over to the website were:

I was immediately intrigued! My first thought was "I know exactly which child could greatly benefit from this program!"

You see, we have a child who doesn't enjoy reading, reads aloud haltingly, relies heavily on context and often inserts incorrect words based only on picture clues. We used the same reading instruction with her that we used with all of our other children [3], but it has become obvious that she needed something different, something more.

I believe I have found just the thing!

The program begins with the basics of reading, including which direction words should be read from. This may seem like common sense to most, and I used to think no one would need to be reminded of this, but I now know from experience that some children need this very basic reminder.

I really liked how basic the beginning lessons were because my reluctant reader was immediately put at ease, knowing that she could master these first easy lessons.

She was able to easily navigate through the lessons on her own, and her score was recorded so I could check her work.

I like that the student is asked to read the word aloud and mark the vowel. The narrator pronounces the word after a pause so the student can hear if she read it aloud correctly. A picture is then shown so a concrete association can be made to the word.

I love that "nonsense words", marked with asterisks, are incorporated into the lessons! The student can not rely on pictures or context clues to guess the word. They must start at the left and sound out the nonsense word. This is a hugely needed skill for my struggling reader. She practiced sounding out nonsense words, reading them aloud, marking the vowel, and then listening to see if she read it correctly.

The lessons also include opportunities to listen to the narrator say a word that the student must then spell, vocabulary practice, reviews, and tests.

Reading Horizons is perfect for struggling or reluctant readers! If you have one, or even a student who needs an excellent review of the basics of reading instruction, this program is for you! Go ahead and give the Reading Horizons free trial [4] a whirl if you would like to see how you like it.

As for me, I love Reading Horizons for my struggling reader! It is exactly the multi-sensory review she needs.

And guess what? One of you will be getting it for FREE!

If you would like to win Reading Horizons [2] online version for ages 10-adult, valued at $179, please leave a comment below.

Make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you and also forward your email to the company so they can give you access to the program. One winner will be drawn on August 27.

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I received this product for free, plus compensation for time invested in my review. All of the above are my own honest opinions.