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Rival CrockPot Lid Problems


I love my Rival CrockPot.

We spend lots of time together. She really is a good friend. She's tried and true. She stays up through the night cooking dinners for me. She's always ready to serve.

But, my Rival CrockPot has one flaw that may very well be the undoing of our friendship. No, it's not that she doesn't appreciate my sarcastic wit.

It's that she can't keep her head in a crisis situation.

This is the second lid I have had for this very same CrockPot. Both handles began to get wobbly and finally came completely detached after I had been using the CrockPot for several hours on the low setting.

Do you know how hard it is to lift a hot CrockPot lid without a handle?

CrockPot, we simply can't go on this way. You've got to change or our friendship is over.

Has anyone else had problems with the Rival CrockPot lid handle coming detached?