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How to Be Just Like Me in 17 Easy Steps


  1. Make mistakes.
  2. Say you're sorry.
  3. Have a messy bedroom.
  4. Be ready to tackle any guest who tries to go in there.
  5. Schedule more in one day than you can possibly get done.
  6. Say you won't do it again.
  7. Do it again.
  8. Say, "God sure knows how to color!" every time you point out rainbows to your children.
  9. Roll your eyes at inappropriate times.
  10. Tell yourself it's never appropriate for a 46 year old to roll her eyes.
  11. Make a fool of yourself on video.
  12. Publish it on the world wide internet [2].
  13. Be sarcastic when your people need you to be genuine.
  14. Apologize.
  15. Talk too much.
  16. Sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" year round.
  17. Repeat steps 1-16 regularly.