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If You Give a Boy a Drill…


and a pile of scrap lumber...

he will spend all day outdoors with his friends building stuff.

These boys used a skill saw, a measuring tape, the drill and scrap lumber, and a few screws, and came up with a nifty new nest box for our hen house [2]!


Then, they took this book, The Art of the Catapult [4], out with them and worked on making a "ballista [5]", which is "an ancient military siege engine in the form of a crossbow". (I'm a little nervous to know what kind of siege they are preparing for...)

They worked until it was too dark to see.


My son has thoroughly enjoyed The Art of the Catapult and has often referred to it to build many contraptions. Backyard Ballistics [7] is another book that he has spent many hours reading and using to build awesome weapons. Check out the potato cannon he built [7]!

If you have a boy, both of these books would make excellent gifts! These were Christmas gifts 5 YEARS ago, and they are still well loved and used!

And since I mentioned power tools, I would like to hear from you.  At what age do you allow your children to use power tools?

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