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Why My Kids Love to Clean


My kids wake up every Saturday and can't wait to get started cleaning!

No, they aren't those mythical children who never argue, complain, or shirk responsibilities. You see, I have a little secret that makes them want to clean house.

In a word, competition.

Nothing makes a kid want to do something well like competition.

Here's how I do it:

  1. Everyone who cleans diligently with a good attitude gets a special treat, a Sonic slushie, when the house is clean.
  2. The overall winner, the most diligent cleaner, gets a Route 44 Sonic slushie!

You should see those kids clean! Everyone goes the extra mile, lighting candles, steam cleaning the carpet, and dusting high shelves.

Each week day, everyone knows what they should be doing on their daily chores by looking at these paint chip chore cards [2].

Then on Saturday, they know I will be judging that room with a fine tooth comb using this scoring card. (Download your own pdf here [3].)

I grade, on a scale of 1-5

If the house is clean by 4:00 when happy hour is over at Sonic, we all pile in the car.

There are two reasons this system works for us.

  1. Everyone who works gets a reward.
  2. The person who works hardest gets the largest reward.

You can use this system too, even if you don't wish to use slushies or have them available as rewards.

Find a reward your children will work for, and give one to everyone who works. Save the biggest and best for the overall hardest worker, and watch how hard they work!

This post is linked to The Mommy Club Resources and Solutions at Crystal & Co. [4]