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“Write them on the doorframes of your houses…”


Some of you asked why the walls of the big girls' bedroom were being torn down [2].

Here is what is going on at our house.

We are adding on to our 3 bedroom house. Yes, we have been housing 10 people in a 3 bedroom house.

The situation hasn't been too awfully squished, because 3 girls have been using the "sunroom" as their bedroom. Unfortunately that sunroom was poorly insulated, making it very hot in summer and uncomfortably cold in winter. There were also no closets, and with 3 teen-ish girls in there, well... I'll let you imagine the shoe-palooza scattered all over the floor of that room most of the time.

When we moved into this house 2 years ago [3], we did so with the hope that we would save our pennies and some day build on to make it suit our family of 10.

Then my husband came home from work one day and didn't have a job [4].

So we stopped saving for an addition and started saving so we could pay our mortgage and electric bill.

Because of our small savings, the help of so many of you [5], and my husband's willingness to clean out abandoned rental properties, do yard work, and apply for one job opening after another, we never got behind on our bills.

Now, after months not knowing what the future would hold, and through God's providence, my husband has the best job of our lives! After having to work away from home for 3+ weeks out of every month, he was offered a promotion, and now works mostly right here from home and has excellent insurance coverage!

That promotion has allowed us to begin saving again and to finally add on some extra room with real closets!

Since brand new doorposts are being constructed, I asked the builders if we might write on those. (Deut. 6:4-9 [6]) They said it would not hinder their work, so we set out to write the words God has spoken to us on the doorposts of our house.

(I had to take the action shots with my cell phone since my fancy camera needed to be charged. I didn't want to miss this!)

Each person wrote whatever scripture they wanted to remember.

What scriptures would you have written on the doorposts?