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My Creativity Energy


You may have noticed a distinct lack of recipes or DIY projects here at Smockity Frocks recently. That is because there is a limit to my genius, people!

I have been spending my time and brain cells picking out paint colors, door knobs, and light fixtures for our new bedrooms [2] and dressing kids as Biblical characters for Fall Festival costume contests [3].

Here from left to right, you can see Pharoah's daughter with Baby Moses, whom she just retrieved from the Nile river, in the basket at her feet; Delilah, with Samson's hair and the scissors she used to cut it; your obligatory angel; the dry bones from Ezekiel's vision; and a very distraught Miriam, obviously upset about about the prospect of placing her baby brother, Moses, into the muddy Nile River.

And also a random, friendly dog who seems to have taken an interest in Delilah's hair cutting skills.

Lastly, my creative energy was used completely up trying to pick out a dress for my husband's company [4]'s Christmas party and entertaining my daughters with this re-enactment of my party poses. (Email readers may need to click through to see the video.)

So, what do y'all think of this dress in ruby for a fancy Christmas party? And more importantly, how often should I strike the sassy pose?