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Recent Happenings


As you dear readers know, Smockity's life is a full one, and by a full one, we mean that she sometimes feels as though she barely thinks about beginning one activity before another one needs to be attended to.

These activities have recently included, but are not limited to soccer practice, soccer games, skate days, gymnastics meets, library days, stock shows, homeschool group board meetings, life group, teaching Sunday school, and more.

Sometimes it seems that Smockity has said all there is to say here on the world wide web, and she goes for a day or two without saying anything at all. And then her husband calls and is all, "Yo. 'Sup with yer blog???" and she realizes that there are people out there desperate for news of Recent Happenings in the Life of Smockity.

Recent Happenings in the Life of Smockity

The children ran and played in the woods all day, and then when it was time to leave, my friend backed her van into our fence, which resulted in a ear shattering "scrreeeeeeeeeeeeech" and some damage to the right rear fender, but let's not dwell on the negative, shall we?

You might be wondering what one would serve for lunch and dinner to 18 children. For lunch we had sandwiches, cut into quarters, apple and orange slices, and chips. (I soaked the apple slices in lemon juice to prevent browning.)

For dinner we had a big pot of Mexican Mess [3].

I suspect they are the source of my severe allergies and resulting sinus infection, but who can resist a handful of flowers picked by a pretty little girl?