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Construction Update {With Photos}


Our construction project [2] is nearing its end and you may have noticed that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.

Since we are expecting to serve 21 at our house Thursday and carpet installation is scheduled to happen on Wednesday, there may or may not be some serious stressing out over here as we nervously hope there will be time before the guests arrive for furniture to be put in place and clothes placed into dressers where they belong instead of in various laundry baskets around the house where they have been living while the dressers have been stored in the garage.

This is one side of the Jack and Jill bath we added. We chose stained concrete for the flooring, which we are not altogether sure we are happy with for its imperfections. Maybe it will grow on us, though. It is still waiting to be sealed and waxed.

I chose the gray wall color you see for all the common areas (bathroom, family room, stairway). I heard that gray is the new taupe, so there ya go.

I spray painted black step stools so the girls would be able to reach the sinks in style!

Here is a very poor picture of the upstairs bedroom my 2 pre-teen girls will share. The colors they chose are periwinkle and lavender. The ceiling is a very pale blue. I heard very pale blue is the new white.

That's the black satin dress you all helped me choose [3] for the fancy Christmas party my husband and I will attend in Denver. As soon as that picture was snapped, all pandemonium broke loose in what I like to call Barfo-mania. Suffice to say we ended up having 10 stricken. Fun times.

(No dresses were soiled in the barfing.)

These are the shoes I'm wearing with the dress. One of the kids told me they made my feet look fat. Am I the only one who has children who practice "extreme honesty [4]"?