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Homeschool Moms’ Road Trip! Who’s in?!



Some of you might remember that I spoke at the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit [3] in Oklahoma last year.

On the "mission" page of the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit website [4], you will find

"The Winter Summit desires to instill within the often weary and embattled homeschool mom the encouragement and empowerment she so desperately needs to finish her race well, to the glory of God."

The summit plans to have

What you won't find on that website is what I am about to tell you.

I have been to a few retreats, encampments, and conferences, some of them very popular, and nationally known. The Winter Summit tops them all.

I hope you won't think I am just saying that because I was a speaker there. I have nothing to gain if you go to the Winter Summit, but I am telling you... YOU have something to gain if you go.

And that something is encouragement, refreshment, pampering, a God-filled vision, and laughter.

Lots of laughter.

And I hope you love to laugh as much as I do, because have I got a deal for you!

I am speaking at The Summit again this year. (That's not the funny part.) My topic will be

EXTREME Faith: Having the Courage to Allow God to do Amazing Things in Your Life

and I will have an extra, perfectly comfy bed in my room at the fancy Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma [5], so here's my proposal.

I believe so much in the power of the encouragement of this retreat, if you

I will put you in a drawing to be my roomie! NO HOTEL FEE FOR YOU!

PLUS... wouldn't it be fun if a bunch of us met up somewhere central in the DFW area to all ride together in my big 15 passenger van?! We could hit every Stop N Go on the way, load up on Tom's Hot Fries and Dr. Pepper, and pretend we are contestants on The Voice!

How fun would that be?!

"And Iiii-eeee-IIIIII will always love yooooo-oo-oouuu..."

It's a homeschool moms' road trip! Who's in?!

If enough Texas homeschoolers fill up that Summit, the organizers will be planning a DFW Summit just for us in the near future. So, let's all get our comfy jammies packed and load up to hit the road!