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Decluttering and Menu Planning in the New Year


If you are like me, the week after Christmas and leading up to the new year is the time of year when you are thinking about re-organizing your too crowded home.

We have extra stuff in our home that we didn't have this time last week. Well, at least it wasn't unwrapped last week. And I am eyeballing all the toys that have been left behind for the newer fancier items.


That's why I think my friend, Nony, from A Slob Comes Clean, has chosen the perfect time to release her brand new ebook, Drowning in Clutter? [2].

"Drowning in Clutter?" includes the following:

That last one is the one I need to study! Making decisions about each item, whether to toss it, donate it, or store it, and where to store it, are what usually makes me give up on tackling all my clutter!

If you think this ebook is for you, you can get it here for [3] $3 [3] ONLY THROUGH JAN. 2!  After January 2, the price goes up to $5, so hurry to grab this ebook if you are thinking about it!

And while you're decluttering, you may as well start organizing your newly tidied home, right?


Here is a meal planning ebook [4] that includes:

Click here to get the How to Meal Plan eBook. [5]

So, there ya go! For less than $10 you can declutter your home and implement menu planning into your home organization!

As for me, I'm also revamping our daily homeschool schedule and chores to look like this Post It system [6] again.

What are you doing to start the new year off right?

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