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What I Need is Happy Spray


When my daughter, Adrienne, pictured above with her brand new bunnies, received a gift of perfume from Justice, the popular girls' clothing store [2] for her birthday in September, she used that spray every day.

She loved her "happy spray" and even sang songs about it. She sprayed the happy spray on her sisters so they could be happy too.

After she ran out, she repeatedly asked me to stop by Justice so she could buy some more happy spray with her birthday money.

When I was finally in town with enough time on my hands to stop by, I took her in. I was greeted at the door by an employee.

Employee: "Good afternoon! Can I help find anything?"

Me: "Yes. What I need is some happy spray."

Employee: (blank stare) "I'm sorry...???"

Me: "Happy Spray. Where do you keep it? I need some."

Employee: "..."

Daughter: (tugging at Mom's sleeve and whispering) "Mom! It's not really called happy spray! I made that up!"

Me: (dies of embarrassment)

Oh well. It's not the first time I've made a fool of myself at the mall [3].