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And Then She Asked For a Donkey for Christmas


Do you ever feel like you are living in The Truman Show? Like in order for your life to be this wacky, surely to goodness someone is filming it for the entertainment of others?

Yesterday during breakfast, I heard screams from three little girls, "MOMMY! There are donkeys on our front porch!"

These are our neighbors' donkeys which occasionally find their way through our fence. I thought this was a funny coincidence, since I had just had a discussion with my 11 year old about the unlikelihood of finding a donkey under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

"That's okay," she said.  "Since it would be hard for you to wrap a whole donkey and put it under the tree, you could just get a box of donkey poop and wrap it up and I would open it up and know that there would be a donkey with a big bow on its neck waiting out front just for me."

"You want me to... wrap up a box of POOP... and put it under the Christmas tree???"

She thought for a second and amended her request. "Okay wrap up a halter, and I'll know about the donkey."

I told her the neighbors had 5 donkeys and she had even been there when the littlest one, Eva, had been born [2]. She could just go out into the woods every day and pet Eva and pretend she was her donkey.

"That isn't the same as my own donkey." She said.

I told her she might as well set her mind on something else for Christmas because I was pretty positive Daddy would not go for a donkey.

So when I saw these donkeys out front this week, I said, "Hey Adrienne! You got your wish! There's a donkey out front waiting for you and I didn't even have to wrap up a box of poop!"

I keep looking for those Truman Show cameras.