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Creating a Master Schedule for Multiple Homeschooled Children



I've decided to go back to using a large master schedule [3] to allow me to see at a glance what each of my 8 children should be doing at any time during the day.

I used 2 poster boards and marked everyone's name at the top. Then I marked off 30 minute time slots along the side. I filled in the subjects we all do together and then let everyone choose a different color Post It note pad.

The oldest kids were allowed to arrange their own Post Its, as long as it didn't interfere with the subjects I had already arranged.

Then, using a cork board, clothes pins, ribbons, index cards, and push pins, I created a visible reminder of  how each child is progressing on his or her daily schedule. I hung ribbons and clipped index cards with subjects written on them under each child's name. I put the subjects that should be done before noon on the left side of the clothes pin, and the subjects done after noon on the right so I could easily see if everyone is using their time wisely.

As each person finishes a subject, he or she flips that card over.

At a glance, I can tell which subjects have been completed by which children. I can see that in the above example Cami has completed her chores and her S.O.A.P. journal [4], and should be doing spelling next.


Hopefully, our master homeschool schedule and assignment cards will keep everyone, including mom, on track. (This photo shows the schedule in its unfinished state.)