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Getting Ready For 4H County Stock Show


We have been crazy busy over here getting ready for our county stock show which takes place Wednesday through Saturday this week.

Since we are in 4H, we can show animals [2], plus compete in the "family living" division.

(Photo credit: My Amazing Madison)

Each 4H member can show up to 20 items in the family living division, which can include baked goods, quilts, knitted items, altered paper, etc.

Since it seems I have very competitive children, I'll let you do the math and guess about how many projects we have going on over here. Suffice to say there have been some heated discussions about who gets to use the sewing machine and the oven next.

(Photo credit: My Amazing Madison)

There have been no less than 3 quilts, a stuffed animal, a back pack, and a skirt sewn and ready to be judged. A knitted scarf, a knitted purse, a Sharpie tie dye shirt [3], a painted jewelery box, a chess set made out of paper, and some drawings are also ready.

We also have kids busy in the kitchen making salt water taffy, rock candy, muffins, and cakes.

Besides all that, we are showing 7 rabbits (which we have done before [4]) and a goat. Everyone is hoping to score many blue ribbons.