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Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit


Over the weekend, I cleaned out my van, loaded it up with these beautiful friends, and we all headed to the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit [2] in Norman, Oklahoma.

We talked and laughed all the way there and once we got there, we were blown away with every single detail of The Summit!

From the beautiful table settings,

to the door prizes (there were satin nightgowns!), to the gifts of candles and journals each attendee received,

to the praise and worship.

Everything was wonderful! The speakers and sessions were so inspirational and informative, and the laughter was plentiful! In fact there were a couple of times when I went into "the ugly laugh" during the comedy routines. You know, the table pounding, seal clapping laugh that makes you cry and your face convulse so much that if someone offered you $100 to stop laughing you would laugh even harder?

I got to hang out with some blogger friends, The Pennington Point [3], The Joyful Socks Mom [4], Kelly Wiggains [5] (you HAVE to read her "Part Time Lovers [6]" story!), Peace Creek on the Prairie [7], and The Marathon Mom [8]. We talked shop a little, but mostly we talked about how much we needed what we were getting at the Summit: encouragement to stay the course on our homeschooling journeys.

Also, I didn't fall off the stage during my speech, so the whole weekend was a WIN!

Have you ever attended a homeschool moms' retreat?