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How to Prepare an Official High School Transcript for Your Homeschool Graduate

UPDATED: My oldest daughter received a full academic college scholarship using the high school transcript I created with this method.

Would you like to know how to prepare an official high school transcript for your homeschool graduate?

Whether you are just beginning to homeschool your preschooler, or are nearing the end of your homeschool journey, knowing how to prepare an official transcript is knowledge that will most likely come in handy sooner or later.

Since our 17 year old, in true first born fashion, finished her high school courses early, and already has colleges calling, mailing, and emailing, I knuckled down and did quite a bit of research to put together an official high school transcript for her.

The college she has chosen has excused her from an entrance exam and much of the application process because she scored in the top 5% on her SAT test. One thing they did request, though, was a high school transcript.

Here are the steps I took to put together an official high school transcript for our homeschool graduate.

  • Find out the graduation requirements for your state.

In our case, I did a Google search for “Texas high school graduation requirements”. This should be done upon entering the high school years.

  • Use those requirements with this high school credit planner, and pencil in what courses your child needs to complete by graduation.

This can be fairly flexible. Your state, like Texas, may not even require that you meet all state requirements, but this will be a good indication of what colleges will expect from a high school graduate.

I saw different styles of transcripts, but they all were in a spreadsheet format and listed courses, credits, and grades for all 4 years of high school.

  • Use a template to make your own high school transcript.

Here is a free transcript template. I used the free template on this site. (My daughter is not applying there. I just liked the simplicity of the template.)

  • Make it official.

Include all of your graduate’s important information: date of birth, address, phone number, date of graduation. Put the name of your homeschool at the top, sign the bottom, and have it notarized.

That’s it! Congratulations! You have an official high school transcript!

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  1. So…my oldest is in 7th and the only thing we actually grade is math. Where do the grades for high school courses come from? Did you actually grade everything she did, or just give her an A if she met requirements?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      My grading technique is, “You got this one wrong. Do it over. When everything is right, you are through.”

      Since she scored so high on her SAT test, and because she had complete mastery, I gave her all A’s.

      • That’s pretty much how we do things now, but I’ve never worried about grades so I wasn’t sure what to do about that! Thanks for all the links–this is wonderful!

  2. Thank you, Connie! You just put this in a way I can understand!

  3. My son is only 11 but I have put this on my Pinterest for the future, also forwarded it to my Homeschool support group and my Homeschool Extension classes.
    Thanks! I hope to meet you at the Women’s Summit! Only 2-1/2 weeks! I am excited.

  4. Tiffany Jenson says:

    Since many schools want an official transcript in a sealed envelope, we got quality paper and envelopes, and had a stamp made up with our homeschool name. Whenever I need to send a transcript, I seal the envelope and stamp across the seal. I’ve noticed that many transcripts are done that way.

  5. Thank you so much! We’ve just begun the homeschool journey, but our oldest is in 9th grade so this is perfect timing!

  6. Alice McD says:

    I’d like to suggest something else: Don’t forget to check high school graduation requirements yearly, as they have a way of changing. You might end up knocking yourself out on a course, only to find later that it is no longer necessary!

  7. Congrats to your daughter on her high SAT score. GOOD job. Was that in the 5% nationally? Any AP exams? Is she receiving a scholarship for college?
    As an aside, and out of curiosity, I know that you advocate a lot of Vision Forum products. Everything that I’ve read on other blogs from those who also sell or write about those products, usually support the idea of women/girls staying home until marriage. I understand that everyone doesn’t think alike (nor should they), but, obviously, you don’t adhere to that philosophy.

  8. Just a couple comments: 1. I have graduated 5 students and made transcripts. I didn’t notarize any of their transcripts and they all went to college with varying amounts of scholarships from full ride to full tuition. Notarizing is a good idea, but not necessary.
    2. Beginning in high school, I do grade tests and average scores to give them grades. Grades are up to the teacher, but they should agree with your standardized tests. If your student makes average scores on SAT/ACT and you give them all A’s, that will look like a discrepancy.
    3. The high school transcript does not get your student a scholarship. While an official transcript is required, high SAT/ACT scores, as well as leadership and extra-curricular involvement are what help land scholarships.

  9. Deborah Halasz says:

    I just started homeschooling my stepdaughter. We pulled her out of her junior year at public school. I am doing some grading so she’ll have a transcript. My only fear is that her grades from public school will be dramatically different from those at home school. They truly failed her, and I’m working to remediate. Should I include a note about the drastic change or leave things as they are? Transcripts aren’t required, but if she decides to go to college, they’d be extremely helpful!

  10. I hated not knowing how to turn everything my child has accomplished on a transcript. Until i found the home scholar website it has helped me a lot.

  11. You’re a lifesaver!! I absolutely love the transcript template you listed from Covenant College!


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