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4 Moms Talk Buddy System, Dinner Recipes, Hand-Me-Downs, and Sharing


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The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids [2] have decided to make some changes in our posting. From now on 3 of us will be answering Q&A each week, and once monthly all 4 of us will be back together writing on a preassigned topic.

To have your question considered for our weekly Q&A, leave it on our 4 Moms Facebook page [3].

Here is the first question I will be answering from those on the page.

Do you use the "buddy system" like I've seen on the Duggars? And if so, at what age do you pair up an older with a younger? And what duties does the older buddy do for the younger and what do you not give the responsibility for?

We do use the buddy system like the Duggars. Here is a video of us showing the buddy system in action [4] and here is how we have used the buddy system to get chores done [5].

To have a "little buddy" we have required our children to be somewhere around 8 or older. The "big buddy" helps the "little buddy" with

We don't have buddies administer discipline.

What are your favorite dinner recipes?

Mexican Mess [6] is our family's favorite meal. It is simple enough to throw together in 5 minutes, and can be left to simmer for several hours or served in 15-20 minutes if needed.

We also love this taco soup recipe, [7] which is similar.

Do you keep all hand-me-downs? If you do how do you keep them organized?

We keep hand-me-downs until they are stained or holey and then we toss them in the trash. By that time, they have usually gone through 4 or so girls, and I believe they have lived a long, happy life and are enjoying their heavenly rest in that clothes hamper in the sky. And by that I mean the county dump.


We use these labeled, clear plastic tubs to store the clothes that are not in use. Sliding a piece of copy paper, written on with Sharpie, down the side, is a simple, non-permanent way to label the tubs. When it is time to "go shopping" for new sizes, it is easy to see which tub to grab.

Any tips on sharing?

Here are my unpopular views on forced sharing [9]. I was actually called names because of this post, if you can imagine that.

Which brings me to the part of the program where I remind you all that I am a human person in the shape of a mom, not a doctor or certified expert at all things, animal, vegetable, or mineral. The ideas I put forth on this blog are ideas, that I have found work with my family. If they do not work for you or they give you an icky feeling in your tummy, by all means, don't use them, and feel free to click away from the page.

There's no need to resort to name calling. Let's use our big girl words, 'kay?

Alrighty then!

Now, go see what questions were chosen by my friends, Life in a Shoe [10] and The Common Room [11], and be sure to leave any questions you have on our 4 Moms Facebook page [3]!