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A Day in the Life


Yesterday, I showed you our children's book collection [2], which I am very thankful for. While I think a love of reading is the key to almost all forms of intelligence, I want to be sure to state that I firmly believe that outside time is just as important to an ever expanding mind as is time spent in books.

And I don't necessarily mean outside time spent in organized sports. I mean walking down the half mile gravel driveway to get the mail.

Or exploring the acres of woods behind the house.

(By the way, NEVER believe a chunky, barefoot ballerina if she tells you, "I won't make you carry me, Mama. I will walk the whole way." Lies. All lies.)

Digging in the dirt,

...climbing trees and swinging, listening to and identifying the sound of a woodpecker, are all important parts of a child's day.