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More on Wholesome Talk and The Winter Summit



How is everyone doing on the 30 Day Wholesome Talk Challenge [2]? If you would like to join, or just find out more about it, click the link above. Anyone can join at any time.

I am finding that I am accustomed to doing a LOT more complaining than I thought! I have had to stop myself mid-sentence a few times, and erase a couple of typed messages before they were sent.

I'm hoping it gets easier for me as time goes on, but for now I feel like someone might feel to have to finger spelling everything they say. I am deliberately thinking about every word, and frankly, it is exhausting!

My biggest revelation has been how often I ask questions, not for the purpose of finding information, but for the purpose of shaming or complaining.

"WHY didn't you clean up this mess???" WHAT IN THE WORLD were you thinking???" "WHY is there a gob of peanut butter on the floor???" "WHO let the cat in???"

Those questions aren't helpful, needful, or beneficial. While it is a mother's responsibility to correct and train her children, I believe I can do it without all the unnecessary questions. It's hard to break that habit, though!

After I blurted out those questions, I immediately said, "Never mind that. When you make a mess, you need to clean it up," and "It doesn't matter who let the cat in. Let's all try not to let it happen again."

I've been repeating in my head, "helpful, needful, beneficial... helpful, needful, beneficial..." all day long.

How are you doing on the challenge?

And now, in case you are thinking I probably exaggerated about how hard I laughed at the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit [3], here is a video from The Summit that may illustrate the funny!

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