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4 Moms Answer Questions About Lying, Prioritizing, and Crockpot Cooking


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The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are answering reader questions from our Facebook page [3] again this week.

How do you deal with lying when there is no hard proof, though you strongly suspect who did it?

This is an area where I made a painful mistake that I hope I can save you from.

A few years ago, after my son [4] had been playing alone in the backyard, I noticed that the concrete bird bath had been toppled over and broken into pieces. I immediately suspected that he had something to do with it, so I called him into my room and questioned him about it.

He immediately and confidently, too confidently, I thought, said that he didn't do it.

I felt certain that he had done it and was lying to keep out of trouble. After all he had just been out there, and everyone else was playing elsewhere. Who else could have done it? It had to be him. Circumstantial evidence was supporting my suspicions.

I went over all the above details and told him I knew he was lying and he had better confess. He stuck to his story and I stuck to my guns.

After a very lengthy session of "You are lying" and "No, I'm not," he finally confessed, although very grudgingly.

Years later, through many bitter tears he told me I had actually coerced him into lying. He had not really done it, but in order to stop my torturous accusations, he lied and told me he had. (We together concluded our large-ish dog must have done it.)

Can you imagine my horror and shame? My own son could not trust me to protect him. From ME.

It took time and many tearful apologies to heal the wounds and mistrust that I caused him through my accusations.

Because of that incident and the damage done, my policy now is that unless I can prove a misdeed with conclusive evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt, I do not accuse.

I will ask for a confession, and I pray aloud for the guilty party to be racked with so much guilt that they will confess and repent.

Recently, we had an issue of unauthorized cutting of the baby's hair. I knew she couldn't have done it herself, because a big gap was neatly cut in the back. No one would admit doing it, but the baby repeatedly placed the blame on a certain sister. I was pretty sure the baby was right, but since I never got a confession, I did not accuse.

But every night during bedtime prayers, I asked God to lead the guilty party to confess and repent. She never did, and I have had to let it go. It is so important to me to never repeat the situation I put my son through, that I am willing to let a crime go unpunished, rather than falsely accuse a child ever again.

When time is short and you know you can't get it all done, what things are at the top of your list? What are the most important things in your day/week?

I'm assuming you are talking about every day of my life, because I never get everything done that needs doing! Such is the nature of a busy mom.

I try very hard to start each day with reading the Bible aloud [5] and morning chores for everyone [6]. If those two things get done and nothing else does, at least we have a clean floor and God's word in our minds.

After that, meals and school work [7] are the next priority, in that order. Our bodies and minds must be fed.

Each night, I try to be sure I run the dishwasher so we will have clean dishes to start all over again the next day.

Of course, on a perfect day, we hope to get a lot more than that done, but the above are on my "must get done" list.

Any tips for cooking with littles? I have a 4 and 3 year old that help in the kitchen doing small tasks but getting meals done with my 6 month old can be a challenge. She makes it known with crying that she has other plans for me and getting dinner ready is not on her list . Do you plan all meals around nap time? Any crockpot recipes you could share would be most helpful.


When my babies were still "babes in arms" I got a lot of mileage out of wearing them in a wrap [9]. In this type of baby carrier, you can have both hands free, and the baby still feels secure being snuggled next to you. (That particular wrap is no longer available, but the Moby wrap [10] is very similar and has great reviews.)


And you can keep your meal prep simple by using a Crockpot. Check out my list of over 100 Crockpot recipes [12].

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