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4 Moms Discuss Difficult News Stories, Naptime, and Sleeping Through the Night


The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids take questions on our Facebook page [2] and try to answer those to the best of our abilities. Here's the thing, though. In most cases we are only telling you what works in our families.

In the years I have been perusing the internet for parenting advice, I have noted that many parenting topics cause bitter divides, with each side claiming the one and only correct way to do things.

I have no interest in being part of any debates like that today, or any day, really. The things I am telling you today are strategies that have worked for me. If your gut tells you I am wrong, or if it would offend your conscience to try it my way, then please, don't do what I do.

Now, let's get some questions!

How do you handle difficult news stories like Newtown, Boston, Gosnell?

Recent news stories, from unexpected tragedies to murderous plots, are disturbing for most adults. I do not want my little children worrying about the evil and danger in the world, so I usually just don't tell them about it.

We rarely have the news on in our home, so only my teens who are on Facebook get news of the tragedies in our world. Just this week, my 13 year old asked me what happened in Boston, so I told her what I knew and we talked about it for a bit.

I simply don't want my younger children to spend any time at all worrying and fretting about what is out of their control. They have plenty to think and pray about in their own small worlds right now, and that is the way I would like to keep it until they are older and more mature.

How do you handle nap time? Next fall I will have a 2 yr old, 2 one yr olds, and a newborn, plus three preschoolers who don't nap but have quiet time. I am rapidly running out of rooms/closets to put sleeping babies in. Have any of you trained kids to nap in the same room?

I have always had my children observe a one hour quiet time [3], which is "quiet contemplation [4]" for the older ones. It is very difficult for me to get 2 or more small children in the same room to take a nap. I always try my best to separate them so they won't be tempted to talk and play with each other, and that usually does the trick! There have been many years when we have had half the number of bedrooms as children, and I had to get creative with my naptime placements.

I have put children on mats or sleeping bags on the floor, one on the couch, one on Mommy's bed, etc. If you can possibly arrange them where they can not see one another, the chances of them falling asleep is greater.

How do you deal with a nursing baby at night? Do you co-sleep, quickly train them to sleep, etc? How do you do it? What about a baby who has their days and nights confused? I'm really struggling with a baby that doesn't want to sleep at night!

Here is where I explain how I handle my nursing infants [5] and get them on a semi-schedule. When I hear my newborn baby start to stir and fuss during the night, I wait a few minutes to see if she will fall back to sleep. I never let them scream and cry themselves into a frenzy, but I don't rush in at the first noise.

Many times, after a few short minutes of mild fussing, the baby will go back to sleep and so do I.

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