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4 Moms Discuss Teaching Advanced High School Subjects


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The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are discussing how we teach upper level, or advanced, high school subjects.

As a homeschool mom, I have often been asked, "What about when they get to high school? How will you teach trigonometry? Do you have a foreign language degree? What about Chemistry?" Well, I should say that I used to get asked those questions a lot. Now that I've graduated one child and she isn't panhandling on the street corner, I haven't noticed feeling like people are doubting the effectiveness of homeschooling as much. In fact, since she received a full academic college scholarship [3], the doubters seem downright speechless!

The fact is a homeschool mom doesn't need to be a fountain of knowledge in order for her children to learn advanced subjects. There are many resources available, through homeschool co-ops, dvd's, videos, online sites, and individual tutors.

Khan Academy [4] is an excellent free online resource we use, which provides videos, practice problems, and tests for a wide range of subjects including:

We have even tried using a 2nd year high school Latin student as a tutor for our elementary Latin student. (We found this didn't work well for us because the high school student wasn't consistently able to attend.)

If you don't know how to teach a subject, Google it! Dig around until you find a resource to help your child learn what is needed. Ask friends if they would be wiling to tutor. Call the local high school to see if they have a recommendation for an exceptional scholar in the subject in question. Check homeschool curriculum sites for forums or videos that may be available.

Most upper level curriculums have aids available to help students for precisely the reason we are addressing this topic today. No one is an expert at everything. But with a little research we can find experts, whether it be in the form of a real, live person or an online video.

Now, be sure to see how the rest of my 4 Moms team teaches advanced high school subjects to their homeschooled children.

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