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The Smockity Animal Whisperer


Remember The Horse Whisperer [2], the movie starring Robert Redford, that was popular a few years ago? It was about a man who had a special bond with horses and could do work with them like no one else.

Well, we have our very own Smockity Animal Whisperer around here.

This girl definitely has a way with animals the rest of us don't understand.

And to top all that, y'all will never believe what she has done now!

Her sister came to me with the following report on Saturday:

13 year old sister: "Mama, don't freak out when I tell you this."

Me: (Suddenly very interested)

13 year old sister: "We found some baby mice in the barn, so Adrienne put them in a box and brought them home to live in a drawer in our roo..."

Me: (Freaks out)

(*Some rodents can transmit Hantavirus [7], which can be deadly.)

After we came to an understanding that under no circumstances is it okay with Mama to have baby mice living in a dresser, I found out that those two stinkers had done a fair bit of research to find out how to care for orphaned baby mice.

They concluded that the babies were around 2 days old and that the mother, who had been frightened away upon discovery, would likely never come back. The girls told me all the facts they learned, like how baby mice "click" when they are happy, and how their skin turns from pink to a gray-ish [8] tone by day 5, and how they can survive on goats' milk, which we happen to have plenty of [9].

I tried to tell them that the mice probably wouldn't make it through the first night, and that it would be a lot of trouble to feed them round the clock, but the Animal Whisperer would not be deterred.

Would you believe that was 2 nights ago and they are growing bigger and clicking away?

Yep. The Smockity Animal Whisperer.