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4 Moms of 35+ Kids Answer Questions About Seating Arrangements, Snacks, and Books


The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids [2] are at it again, answering reader questions. Remember to "like" the 4 Moms Facebook page [3] if you would like to leave a question for our consideration.

How do you handle seats at the kitchen table? Assigned? Anywhere they want? What age do they stop sitting in booster seats?

My kids were absolutely shocked when they realized everyone on earth doesn't have assigned seats at the table and in the car. I remember overhearing a discussion they were having amongst themselves that went like this:

Kid 1: "When I ate at Emma's house, I asked her which seat was hers at the table, and she said she sits wherever she wants."

Kid 2: "What? She probably meant when no one is eating."

Kid 1: "No. At dinner she can sit anywhere she wants."

Kid 2: "Anywhere?! Wow."

All: reverent silence

The fact is, that would be a recipe for pandemonium at our house. When we load into the van or sit down at the table, things go much smoother when everyone knows where to go [4]. (<--See video at that link.)  There is no arguing over whose turn it is to sit where, no rushing to be the first one to get to the coveted spot.

At the table, we arrange seating to have little kid, big kid, little kid, big kid. This helps with passing food, preventing spills, etc.

We use a high chair until they are near 2 years old and then we have them sit at the table. We have used a booster seat until the age of 4 or so, but right now we don't have one, and the 2 year old is simply sitting on a bench with the rest of them.

What are some good books to read to the 4 and under crowd that aren't too annoying for mom to read?

Here are my read aloud book recommendations for preschoolers [5].

I am a big proponent of reading real literature to small children, even if you think they may not be able to understand all of it. The more your child hears complex language, the more he will come to understand it.

Also, repetition is a key ingredient in learning. What may be annoying to you because you have read it 13 times since Thursday is reinforcing your child's vocabulary and comprehension. Keep it up, Mama!

How do you organize kids clothing?

I have written before about how we have handled clothes storage [6] in the past, and how we handle it now since we have added on to our house [7].

Ideas for healthy yet inexpensive snacks?

We keep carrots, celery, apples, oranges, and bananas around almost all the time.

Here are some super simple veggie cups [8] I set out when we have a large crowd, but normally the kids just get their own. It isn't unusual to see one of them walking around crunching on a giant carrot straight out of the fridge.

Now, here's a question for you.

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