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Free Homeschooling Ebook and Creepy Nursery Rhymes


Have you picked up my [2] ebook, Homeschool Tips From a Homeschool Veteran? It is available FREE for Smockity Frocks Facebook fans for a very limited time. This free offer has expired, but you can still purchase the eBook here [2].

I'll soon be ending this free offer and selling the book on Kindle via Amazon, or in pdf format through e-junkie. Be sure to get this FREE while you can!

And in slightly demented news, you should know that my kids enjoy some of the real, original versions of the fairy tales [3]. They aren't called "Grimm" for nothing! Have you read the originals? You can usually count on someone coming to a bloody end.

This gruesome poem by Roald Dahl [4] is one of our favorites and is an oft requested read aloud.

So, in that vein, my 13 year old made a video of 2 ways to interpret a nursery rhyme. I love it when my kids crack me up! (Email viewers may need to click through to the post to view.)