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Keep Strawberries Fresh Longer


Have you ever been frustrated by strawberries getting moldy only a day or two after you buy them?

I hate it when I find a great price on strawberries, and buy several cartons, only to find they have started to turn moldy the next day.

Here is a way to keep your strawberries fresh longer.

1. In a bowl, combine white vinegar and water in a 1:10 ratio. I used 1 cup of vinegar and 10 cups of water in the above photo.

2. Add strawberries.

3. Stir around to make sure all strawberries are covered with the water.

4. Let soak 10 minutes.

5. Drain.

6. Rinse if desired. (I did not rinse mine, and there was no vinegar taste at all.)

7. Pat dry and refrigerate.

My strawberries lasted 4 days after I bought them without a single sign of mold appearing. After that we dipped them in melted chocolate bark and shared them with friends, so no telling how long they would have gone mold-free.

This is the method I am using from now on to keep strawberries fresh longer. Now, you can use your un-moldy strawberries to make your own strawberry jam [2].

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