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4 Moms Answer Questions About Road Trips, Bedtimes, and Cool Meals



Time for The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids [2] to answer questions again! If you would like to submit questions for our weekly Q&A, visit our 4 Moms Facebook page [3].

Here are the questions I am tackling this week.

How do you keep kids entertained on road trips, or when you're just in the car in general for an extended period of time?

You can see in this vacation post [4] what I like to place in each child's seat before a long trip. I usually also fill a small paper lunch sack with surprises from the Dollar Store, like crayons, word searches, and drawing pads. Be sure to read this caution about why you should never include Silly Putty [5] in the bag! I still suffering from involuntary eye twitches when remembering that!

We like to listen to books on CD while traveling, and sometimes we use the DVD player to let the kids watch a movie. The game Rubberneckers [6]is also great fun!

What are your favorite go-to quick summer lunches/snacks/foods you like to keep on hand for the days you're just too hot to cook a proper meal?

When it's hot, and I don't want to heat up the kitchen, I like to use my CrockPot. Here are over 100 CrockPot recipes [7] that you can assemble in the morning and forget until dinner time. No heating up the kitchen by turning on the oven!

These easy cucumber stackers [8] are a lunchtime favorite. Cool and delicious!

When is bedtime? Do the older kids stay up later than the younger kids? And when does everyone wake up?

All little kids go to bed at 8:30. When you turn nine, it is a glorious occasion, because you get to stay up until 9:00! Upon turning 13, your bedtime is moved to 10:00.

As for waking up, at one time I was a firm advocate of everyone waking up at a respectable hour, like 7:00, and starting on breakfast and chores together.

Then my teenagers underhandedly researched brain development and sleep needs of young adults and actually made an oral presentation as to why I should let them sleep later. In their presentation, they brought up the difficulty of everyone doing chores at once. "Who's turn is it to use the vacuum first? I'm waiting for her to get through with the broom."

So, I relented and now they do not wake up at a respectable hour, but still manage to get their chores and academic work completed.

I'm still trying to decide if I have been played on that one...

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