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Get a Goodies Taster’s Box Delivered


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Has this tragic snack-buying scenario ever happened to you?

  1. Go grocery shopping.
  2. Buy jumbo bag of "veggie sticks" or some new fangled snack.
  3. Bring bag home and play it up to the kids.
  4. Kids taste one chip and snub the rest of the bag.
  5. Pretend you like the veggie sticks so as to entice the kids into eating them.
  6. Kids continue to dislike, and, thereby, not eat the sticks.
  7. Eat a few out of guilt.
  8. Stash the bag in the pantry in the hopes they will grow more appealing.
  9. They don't.
  10. Allow a respectable time to pass until they grow stale.
  11. Throw them out.

I bet most moms have seen this played out in our homes, which is why Goodies Co. has introduced a monthly taster's box [2], which allows you to try new 5-8 new snacks for only $7/mo. (No extra taxes, shipping, or handling charges - available in Continental U.S. only.)


And the good news is you get to review each snack, and, by doing so, earn points for FREE boxes and other rewards!

Goodies Co. [2] usually has a waiting list for applicants who want to try the boxes, but because you are my friend, you can jump to the front of the line immediately by using the code JUNEVIP.

Simply go to Goodies Co. [2] and:

I think this would be an excellent gift for college students or newlyweds!

Go ahead and check out what kind of items are included in the Taster's Box [2] to see if you would like to sign up. (I get 80 cents for everyone who clicks. Ahem.) You can cancel at any time if you decide it's not for you.

Click here to check out Goodies Co. Taster's Boxes. [2] (<- Free to click for you. 80 cents for me!)

Do you have a story of snack-buying gone wrong?