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How a 13yo Folds a Fitted Sheet


If you've been around here long or know me in person, you may have picked up on the fact that I am not a perfectionist.

I do have high expectations for myself and my children in areas that I feel are important. The less important matters? You might say my motto in those matters is "It'll do."

3 year old dressed herself and put her shoes on the wrong feet? It'll do. Get in the car.

9 year old surprised me by emptying the dishwasher and finding a brand new home for each dish? It'll do. Thank you, Love!

11 year old made a cake from scratch but left out the baking powder? It'll do. I love flat cake.

That's why I laughed a grabbed the camera when my 13 year old demonstrated to her siblings how to fold a fitted sheet.

It'll do.