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12 Tips For Parenting Daughters


Since I have 7 daughters [2], I'm going to go ahead and declare myself an expert in this area.

Wow. I feel so official now. Smockity - Daughter Expert

Here are 12 Tips For Parenting Daughters

1. Buy lots of conditioner. You'll need it.

2. Clean the rotary brush on your vacuum often. All that hair is hard on the poor thing.

3. Buy stock in feminine hygiene products.

4. Come to terms with the fact that hair clips and bands vanish into thin air. Buy lots. Often.


5. Sisters can be best friends. Encourage it.

6. Except when they are worst enemies. Depending on the day of the week.

7. Let them use real tea for their tea parties.


8. And real china.

9. Red fingernail polish doesn't come out of brand new beige carpet. Trust me on this one.


10. There will be drama. Stay calm and carry on.

11. Make your own "No More Tangles" [5]. It's way cheaper.


12. Love them like crazy!