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Moving Sidewalks


moving sidewalk

(image source [2])

Have you ever been in the airport, juggling several heavy items, trying to walk quickly because you have to be at the other end 412 miles away, and you have 12 minutes to get there before you miss your flight?

And then you spot it. The moving sidewalk.

Suddenly you hear birds singing, the air seems fresher and is slightly scented with honeysuckle. There is beautiful artwork on the walls. Your load seems easier to bear. Your load is easier to bear because all you have to do is stand there and you are passing the people who choose to walk on their own power.

Isn't that how life is sometimes? There are those brief periods of time when everything goes right and life is simple.

But sometimes it seems like you look around and everyone else has a moving sidewalk and you are trying to figure out why you don't have one!

There are times when it seems we have too much to juggle and too little time to juggle it, and it feels like life is so much easier for others.

I think this is a human reaction to difficulties. I even see it in my small children. If one of them has to pick up a mess she has made, sometimes I will hear, "Why doesn't SHE have to clean up anything?"

I hate to admit that I even see it in myself. If I'm having a particularly hard week, I might find myself thinking, "Why do things have to be so hard for me? Look at her! Her life is so easy!"

The very weekend we found out my husband had been laid off [3], someone stepped on his glasses and broke them, my expensive Nikon camera was dropped down a flight of stairs, and I fell and broke my pinky toe.

It seemed like everyone around me was on a moving sidewalk and I was struggling with my baggage and being left behind.

Thus is the ebb and flow of life. The moving sidewalk doesn't last forever, and neither do the difficult days.

Remember to hang in there. [4] Don't expect to have a moving sidewalk always available. Be ready to pull your weight.

And celebrate with a sigh of relief when you finally see your moving sidewalk!