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More on Children Spending Time in Quiet Contemplation


I have written before about becoming newly aware of the fact that people often flourish when given the opportunity to regularly spend time in quiet contemplation [2].

quiet contemplation

Here is an example of some artwork my 18 year old daughter [3] began and completed this week because she was able to spend time alone concentrating on this task without any interruptions.

My girl has never had an art class or studied any art curriculum, but because she is able to spend time practicing, she has been able to sharpen her skill.

Now, much of this is a result of God-given talent. There is no amount of time I could spend that would make this sort of thing come out the end of my pencil. But, with time regularly dedicated to thinking, without outside distractions, I can sharpen my skills and gifts by writing my ebooks [4] or blog posts.

What could your children accomplish if they are given regularly scheduled time to be without the distractions of iPods, computers, television, or talking siblings? What if they had access to a book, a pencil and some paper, and only those things, for just 30 minutes or an hour of quiet contemplation every day?

quiet contemplation

You might be surprised what they create, imagine, or invent!