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Protecting Children From Pedophiles


*Adult topic

Recently, one of my friends posted a link on her Facebook that had me lost for hours reading sinister, horrific details about a sexual predator.

I really didn't want to continue reading the sick, real-life account of a lady who was married for 40 years to a pedophile, a preacher, [2] who used his position to gain the trust of families, victimize their children, and steal their innocence.

I wanted to quit reading after each post, but I couldn't turn away. I couldn't stop because in each and every post, she gave "red flags" or "off behaviors" that her husband had exhibited over and over that she had talked herself into disregarding. Because she trusted him and wanted to believe the best about him, she didn't realize he was committing heinous crime after crime right under her nose. His friendly and persuasive personality, and the tendency of others to believe only the best allowed him to get away with it for over 40 years!

But looking back, she could see the signs that she should have noticed something was very, very wrong with her husband. And she lays those signs out for the reader.

One of the things she laments most is not acting on her gut feelings because she wanted to trust her husband. She warns the reader that if something feels "off" in regard to an adult spending extra time or paying extra attention to a child, you should trust that feeling.

It is very difficult reading, but so necessary if we want to see what we should be protecting our children against.

Please, do yourself and your children a favor and read her story. She will show you common characteristics of pedophiles, and enable you to better protect your children from them.