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Stages of Motherhood

Posted By Smockity Frocks On September 8, 2013 @ 11:40 pm In Parenting | 21 Comments


Stages of Motherhood

Now that I’m in the midst of parenting preschoolers to young adults, I have been pondering the different stages of motherhood I have been through.

Through every age, you love your kids with a white hot passion, like there’s no tomorrow.

But your methods and your management change over time.

Maybe you will recognize one or more of these stages.

Mothering your first baby

  • Obsessive about sanitizing things.
  • Can spend up to half an hour dressing the baby.
  • Matching socks, shoes, and bows are important. It may even require an extra shopping trip.
  • Carefully watches the clock to keep on “the schedule.”
  • Takes baby to zoo at age 6 months.
  • Bathes baby multiple times daily.
  • Loses sleep getting up to see if the baby is still breathing.

Mothering only preschoolers

  • Realizes sanitizing is fruitless.
  • Matching is for games.
  • Can recite One Fish, Two Fish in sleep.
  • Yearns for adult conversation.
  • Sets up play dates for the sole purpose of getting adult interaction.
  • Has to stop self from using terms like “inside voice” and “big girl words” with friends.
  • The “S” words (stupid and shut up) are taboo.
  • Bath time is a nightly routine.
  • Looses sleep getting up to change wet sheets.

Mothering multiple ages up to elementary age

  • Knows better than to fill a cup full of a beverage. The fuller the cup, the more you will be wiping off the floor later.
  • Toddler knows who “Ramona” is, but has never heard of “Goldilocks.”
  • Refers to “big kids” and “little kids.” Each child knows which group he is in.
  • Refers to the baby’s schedule as “flexible”, meaning she naps on the way to piano lessons.
  • Bath time is done in pairs.
  • Looses sleep wondering if a kid can be ruined from never hearing the “Goldilocks” story.

Mothering preschoolers to young adults

  • Remembers the kids need to visit a zoo when the 4 year old reveals she doesn’t know giraffes are real.
  • Reminds kids before getting out of the van at homeschool co-op that some families consider “SHUT UP!” an inappropriate response to surprising news.
  • Preschooler knows more works by C.S. Lewis than Dr. Seuss.
  • Bath time is for nights before “church days.”
  • Looses sleep wondering when the car will pull in the driveway.

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