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Taking Kids on Errands


taking kids on errands

These days it seems like I am constantly running around to various appointments, practices, lessons, and errands. And since I have teenagers, I can easily leave them in charge of the little ones at home and go to these things without loading everyone into the van.

I only realized how often I was doing this when my 5 year old asked sadly, "Why do you always leave me home when you go places?"

That's around the time I decided to make this little rotating chart to signify whose turn it is to go with Mommy on her errands.

Now whenever I jump in the van to pick up some supplies for a project or take someone to soccer practice or a dentist appointment, I say, "Whose turn is it to go with me?" and I have a riding partner.

As I'm sure you can see from the photos, it was super easy to make this rotating chart. This one literally took me less than 5 minutes. (I'm sure you can make yours much cuter!) Here's how you can make one too.