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Standing Up For Your Rights


Knowing Your Rights - SmockityFrocks.com

I was recently listening to the story of the roadblocks my hearing impaired sister has faced when asking for closed captioning for the video lectures she is assigned in the college courses she is taking.

Since she knows the law regarding accommodating the needs of her handicap, she was able to contact a deaf advocacy group and go about the steps to stand up for her rights.

This reminded me of all the times I have answered emails or phone calls from frustrated homeschoolers who are asked by school districts to go beyond what the law requires in their homeschools [2]. I always encourage the mother to know her rights and then stand up for those rights.

Here are some steps you can take to stand up for your rights.

Although, it didn't involve legal requirements, here is a time I made an appeal to a governing board to be treated equally [4].

Have you ever faced opposition in standing up for your rights?