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On Gettin’ ‘Er Done


On doing hard things

I am so glad I have a mama who showed me all during my growing up years what is was like to look in the face of something hard and get 'er done.

My daddy was out of town for weeks at a time, and Mama took care of 118 acres and 3 daughters, 2 of which had special needs.

Being alone never stopped Mama from plowing and planting a 1 acre garden, attending IEP meetings at school, bottle feeding a baby calf, or taking us to the lake on weekends and ballet on weekdays.

After Daddy was killed in an accident, Mama kept right on doing what needed doing. Dealing with loss. Raising teens. Carrying on.

Because of that tenacious spirit, when I am faced with a difficult task, I know I need to quit whining, pull up my britches, and get it done. Partly because this is what my mama told me to do all my life, but mostly because it's what I saw her do every single day.

Last week, with my husband out of town, I took the little kids to the circus, took the teens to meet their favorite author, chopped the head off a badly mangled and dying chicken, and herded our neighbor's runaway Great Pyrenees off the highway and back home after midnight.

I did all those things, not because they were relaxing, easy, or fun, but because they needed doing.

And by doing so, I know I am modeling for my children how to tackle a difficult task. To get 'er done.

Just like Mama.