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On Receiving Advice Graciously



Have you seen these little baby onesies and t-shirts around?

More than just the onesie, I have seen this attitude around. And I get that it is supposed to be funny. Believe me, I love funny, and if you know me at all, you know I believe sarcasm is an art.

But this rubs me the wrong way.

And I'll tell you why. (You were worried I would keep it inside, weren't you?)

Just because someone gives you advice doesn't mean you have to take it.

I have been told

And guess what has happened as a result of that advice?


My 4 youngest children haven't vaporized into thin air. My kids haven't materialized in a seat in the local public school. No one has forced me to go back to work.

Nothing has happened.

The unwanted advice didn't do anything to influence me or hurt me.

Sure, it was annoying. Absolutely it was rude.

But the advice did not have any effect on me.

So, now I am going to tell you what I tell my children when they complain in a whiny voice that a sister is "staring at meeeeee!!!"

Look away.

Smile and look away. There is nothing they are doing that is hurting you. You can decide to smile and look away, and in doing that you are maintaining your dignity and showing respect for others, even if they are not doing the same for you.

And besides, what if, by publicly showing that you despise and shun advice, you are missing out on a gold mine of information from the many mothers who have gone before you for thousands of years?

When you shut yourself off to advice [3], you ensure that you won't have to sift through ideas that you disagree with, but you also ensure that you will never find a gem among the junk.

It doesn't hurt you to hear things you disagree with.

You might even hear something of value.