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She Gone


I've been MIA from posting regularly lately and there are several reasons why.

None of them are major, earth moving reasons for a person to up and quit typing out every thought that comes into her noggin, but all added up, they amount to: She gone.

Here they are in no certain order:

1. The teenagers. They have this way of slowly becoming my friends. My friends who sit on my bed at night and yack to me about all manner of important minutia like Dr. Who and what it requires to become a missionary until around midnight when I finally kick themĀ out.

The time between putting little people to bed and going to bed myself used to be my writing time. That time is becoming harder to come by lately.

2. The internet. It has this way of making me want to slam my head in a car door. Repeatedly. Since we live in the country, our only option is satellite internet, of which there are exactly 2 to choose from. And since we are just lucky I guess, we fired the first company and hired the second, only to find that instead of being sporadically horrible, they are consistently horrible.

One night I even wrote an entire post and hit publish, only to find that there was no internet and I lost the whole thing.

Commence slamming head in door.

3. Right before school started, I stupidly signed different kids up for a total of THREE homeschool co-ops or groups and THREE different sports. I know. Believe me, I am kicking myself every day as I'm burning up the road between our house and. All. The. Activities.

Someone please kick me yourself if you see me headed for a sign up sheet any time soon. Friends don't let friends overcommit.

4. The advice about writing the perfect post or being the perfect blogger. I usually don't get caught up in believing (or maybe it's caring) about everything I read, but lately my head seems to be swirling with all the contradicting advice I see about blogging and keeping readers and writing quality stuff.

So far I have learned that I should

Add to all that contradicting advice that I now get emails showing me how many people have unsubscribed from my blog. AND THEIR NAMES. So, yeah. I'm all, "Tiffany, why you do me like that?"

And then I wonder if it's the too long posts. Or the too short posts. Or the mediocre photography.

And then I kick my teens out of my bedroom so I can get some sleep and kick myself because of all the activities I have to do the next day.

So what I'm saying is my posting will be spotty around here until something gives. I'll still be letting you know about any awesome homeschooling or large family management tips I have, and I'll give you the heads up when a great deal comes down the pike.

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