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Kid-Made Fall Centerpiece How To


Kid Made Fall Table Centerpiece

I got this fall centerpiece craft idea from my long time friend, Cassie, who posted pictures of it on her Facebook.

Cassie used pumpkins, but our stores are fresh out of those orange autumn orbs, so my Madison suggested we use acorn squashes, which are roughly the same shape.

My kids enjoyed this craft and it only took us around 30 minutes to complete it. You could do these yourself for a more perfect product, or I think it would be adorable to use old maps or kids' handwritten papers for the strips.

To do this fall centerpiece craft, you will need:

I let each child pick out the paper she liked best and told them to cut it in approximately 1" strips.


I poured some  Mod Podge, along with a little water to dilute it, into a few bowls and showed the children how to dip their strips and wipe off the excess goop before applying them.

They took this part very seriously.

(By the way, be sure to cover your work area for an easy clean up, because if you neglect to, LIKE ONLY A DORK WOULD, the clean up won't be all that easy. Trust me.)

The finished product dries clear and glossy.

The polka dots were the two year old's contribution. I think hers adds a little ... primitive charm. Don't you? I never understood those mothers who hover over their children during craft time, making sure the product looks just so. I like to see what my children come up with on their own.

We threw some acorns into an empty cardboard box and spray painted them gold for an extra festive effect.

We enjoyed this making this fall centerpiece craft! Try it and let me know how yours turns out!