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What is Christian Life Coaching? {GIVEAWAY $750 Value}


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Have you heard of life coaches? What about Christian life coaches?

I had never heard of either one until very recently, and even after I heard the terms, I didn't really understand what they were.

Then my good friend, Penny [3], along with her husband, became a certified Christian life coach [2]. And she offered to let me try out her expertise in life coaching.

I warned her that I'm a hot mess, and I even told her she ain't seen crazy yet, but she still insisted that we could work together and that I could benefit from her coaching.

At first I thought it would be like counseling. I would tell her my problems, and she would tell me what I needed to do when I got home to solve those problems. Then we would talk again at the same time next week and I would tell her about my problems again. Rinse. Repeat.

But I was surprised and thrilled to find that it isn't like counseling at all.

(Here's where I'm going to interject that if you have a troubled marriage, or even feel like you're going through a slump with your husband, marriage counseling can be very beneficial. My husband and I have been to more than one marriage counselor in our 28 year marriage [4].)

What I found when I spent an hour with Penny each week in our sessions was that she wanted to know what my goals were for the week. What would I like to improve on or work to make better?

Christian Life Coaching [2]

Photo source: EmpoweringForMission.com [5]

Life coaching isn't focused on problems, but on solutions!

Each week, Penny asked me about my goals, and she did a lot of listening. She then asked probing questions to draw out more details about why I wanted to accomplish those goals. What would be the benefit to me? To my family? What about the cost?

After we nailed down something I wanted to work on, she would ask me what strategy I had for accomplishing that. Do you see how this is different than counseling? She didn't tell me what to do! She asked me to come up with action steps for accomplishing my goal.

Of course, since she is a distinctly Christian life coach, she focuses on scriptures and the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide goals. She also prays for and with her clients.

taking kids on errands [6]

Penny's life coaching is directly responsible for me making this rotating chart to show whose turn it is to go on errands with Mama [7].

My goal for that week was to establish a routine for spending individual time with each child. Penny went through the steps above until I came up with the action step of making that little rotating chart. (By the way, my kids love the chart! Everyone keeps a keen eye on it and knows whose turn is next.)

So far, Penny has coached me on:

The great part is, I tell her what I want to work on each week, and she prompts me to discover for myself what action I need to take to move forward.

The sky is the limit as far as what she will help me through. (Here is an example of a lady who was coached by Penny [8] on managing her weight.)

Take a look at Penny's life coaching website [9] and check out her "About" page [10] to find out more about who she is and what she does. (She has homeschooled for 23 years, y'all! She is a gold mine of encouragement and support!!!)

Now for the good news! Penny is giving away a 10-session series of Christian life coaching to one of my readers! That is a $750 VALUE!!!

This is a fabulous opportunity if you have an area you have been wishing to improve on, or if you feel like your life is out of control and you just can't put your finger on why. Penny can help you find the answers! If you win, get ready for Penny to bless your socks off!

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