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Getting the Kids Involved in Thanksgiving


My kids love to be involved in holiday preparations. Since Thanksgiving dinner is usually pretty labor intensive, I like to put my kids to work preparing decorations for the big day. This allows them to be an important part of the celebration, just not in the kitchen where I am busy baking, roasting, mashing, and browning.

So, if your kids are like mine, here are some kid friendly Thanksgiving crafts [2] I rounded up from Pinterest they will love. (This has been pinned 25,000+ times! Apparently you people like these as much as I do!)

And in case you need it, here is my "Thanksgiving Dinner for Beginners [3]" post, which includes tips I have learned from my 27 Thanksgivings as Mrs. Hughes, including my secret for roasting a moist, delicious turkey every time.

What are your best Thanksgiving tips?